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Results Communications is a communications consultancy - but we're not 'just' a PR company.

We bring over 20 years' experience in the fields of public relations, stakeholder engagement, community relations, public affairs and bid/document management to clients who are busy in the built environment - and need support with how they are communicating with their audiences. We use our knowledge, skills and experience to promote or resist development proposals on behalf of clients and communities. Clients span the public and private sectors, and include individuals, companies, organisations, community groups and charities.

We are experts in our field. What sets us apart is our sector-specific focus on the construction, property, housing and infrastructure industry. We develop robust communications and engagement strategies to help clients build, improve and maintain relationships with communities and stakeholders. We focus on the relationships that are essential to ensure meaningful engagement for all parties involved in, interested in or likely to be affected by a proposed change in their community.

​Consultation Updates

The Peel Hall Appeal has now concluded. The Inspector will now prepare his report and recommendation for the Secretary of State, who will then make a decision about the planning application and proposed development. The decision date is yet to be confirmed, but is expected by 7 January 2019. The Addendum information remains available to view and download by clicking here.

The retrospective planning application (18/04514/FUL) for
Brimham Rocks Adventure Farm has been submitted to Harrogate Borough Council's Planning Department and is now open for statutory consultation. You can comment here.

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Whether you're part of a community trying to get your views across about proposed change of use of land, buildings or the provision of services, or a developer or landowner proposing change or improvement, we can help you turn your message into meaningful conversation. Get in touch!
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