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Ruth Shepherd

Ruth launched Results Communications in 2008 in response to an awareness that there was 'a better way of engaging development and communities'. Since then she has worked with private and public sector clients throughout the UK, seamlessly integrating into existing internal teams and collaborating with external project teams to deliver projects.

'People' and 'Communications' are her not-so-secret passions, and she invests time and effort identifying how to get the best out of consultor and consultee, ensuring all voices are heard and that the Gunning Principles underpin each project through stakeholder engagement, consultation and creating relationships with the public. She works with client and communities to promote and resist proposals for change and development.

Her engagement activity is broad, and spans all forms of communication, including bid documents, grant funding applications and public speaking.

Ruth is a practising Associate with the Consultation Institute, is Vice-Chair (Special Interest Groups) of Shropshire Constructing Excellence and sits on the North West Committee of the National Association of Women in Construction.
Associates Our Associates are drawn from a broad geographical and specialism base, and you can find out more about them below:
Kathy Graham
Possessing a MSc in Occupational Psychology, Kathy is highly experienced in stakeholder engagement, transformational change, strategic development and public policy with a career spanning 20 years working with public, private, community and voluntary organisations.

Committed to evidenced-based policy development, Kathy has secured and delivered a number of highly influential research projects, the results of which have shaped organisational strategy as well as public policy both within Northern Ireland and the UK. She has created innovative strategic partnerships and ensures the voices of minorities are heard to shape service development and delivery.

Kathy has been an Associate with the Consultation Institute since 2017, and has achieved advanced CPD accreditation. She specialises in strategic communications, advice and guidance and is currently working with a number of UK airports on airspace redesign consultation. She also holds a number of non-Executive Board positions and public appointments.
Vicki Ayton Vicki is a people-person - she is happiest building relationships with people and developing partnerships with stakeholders. She is particularly interested in industry, and spends time understanding the dynamics of networks and understanding how to get the best out of project participants. She is experienced in the delivery of publicly-funded projects, bringing academics and theorists around the table with practitioners and delivery teams, and driving the project forward to deadline, budget and objectives.

Vicki has highly developed organisational and project management skills, and is a vocal advocate of collaboration, and careers, skills and training, to ensure our future talent and industry challenges come together.

Vicki is an active voice within industry, and sits on the board of Shropshire Constructing Excellence.
Amanda Brown Amanda is a PR consultant, specialising in delivering effective communications campaigns for the construction and property industry. She has worked on a national basis with main contractors, subcontractors, property developers, architects, consultants and suppliers to the construction industry.

Amanda brings to projects her specialist expertise in Media Relations, Awards, Integration of Social Media and traditional PR, Copywriting and Events management.
Bruce Whitear and Paul Parsons
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